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We take a journey into the headspace of lonely characters living in a dispassionate, off-kilter world. The sensual attraction of unhinged mental landscapes found in isolation seeps into the disconnection between the strangers that inhabit the film, set in a hollowed-out hotel. Font man Dada Shiva leads us through the old Ritz hotel past faceless characters who present a disturbing flair for the mundane. We find Human Wa$te and POTT$ very much alive in the disarray, while spo0ky appears with the disarming presence of an apparition staring us down via an old TV. The decaying opulence and raw concrete rooms set the tone for a journey through a disconcerting alternate reality that feels almost too close to home.

Find the full South of Hell EP by A$CII DAGGER here


This film is all about slow drives, distance as an emotional horizon, the aesthetics of longing, the luminosity of remembering, the instability of memory, the paradox of closeness and letting go to moments of dreaming. It explores motion as a balm for the feeling of missing someone, and the points of light found in remembering connections. It was created as a channel for using a latent archive of footage shot over many years and in different countries.

Music: Sparklers, by Memoriez from their latest album.

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