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Newman's video work focuses on femme and binary identity relationships, and explores the complexities that emerge from these. The film was made in settings which reflect the mundane suburban environments as well as the hidden spaces where the group of friends would find reprieve from the heteronormative values that challenged the discovery and growth of their identities. The accompanying sound is a meandering composition of personal voice notes between friends, it feels as though you are eavesdropping on the ups and downs of their relationships, while another friend delivers a monologue in which they speak of their experiences of love and hurt and personal growth.

The video is projected onto a pile of sand, a kind of shrine to honour the depths and values of these relationships, there are also small notes stitched up and hidden in the sand. The installation is further enshrined in draped white stretches of fabric.

Jabu Nadia Newman_untitled:friends.JPG
Jabu Nadia Newman_untitled:friends1.jpg
Jabu Nadia Newman_untitled:friends 2.JPG

Mixed media, video


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